Franks Closet, Union Theatre

Andy Moss

The Listeners, BBC

Hopi Grace

The Hardacres, Channel 5

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Animal Farm, Bolton Octagon

Amy Drake

Dune Part 2, Legendary Pictures

Hopi Grace

Waterloo Road, BBC

Zak Sutcliffe

After The Flood, ITV

Ray Castleton Steve Cooper

The Book Of Clarence, Sony Pictures

Hopi Grace

Boat Story, BBC

Becky Bowe Jamie Smelt

Starfield, Bethesda Games, Cubic Motion

Susan Jayne-Robinson Adebola Olayinka

Sherwood, BBC, Britbox

Bethany Asher Conor Deane

Peter Pan Goes Wrong, UK Tour, Mischief Theatre

Phil Yarrow

Boiling Point, BBC

Hopi Grace Olivia Frances-Brown

BAFTA, Childrens Awards

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Latest news

Fri Feb 23, 2024

New Dark Comedy Thriller 'Passenger' is released soon on ITV!

New Drama PASSENGER is set to be released on ITV very soon and we are delighted that Sophie Ellicott is a semi regular in the show & Ray Castleton feature across the series! 

"As a series of strange happenings and increasingly shocking crimes start unfolding within the town, the residents resort to short-sighted theories and blame outside influences such as the fracking site and its manager Jim Bracknell.

"As things become stranger, so the people push back on Riya’s absurd notion that something is not right with this town. But what are they so afraid of?"

Fri Feb 23, 2024

Andy Moss stars in Union Theatre's 'Franks Closet'!

Frank's Closet returns to the stage in March 2024 at the Union Theatre in London. Andy Moss plays the title role!

Fri Feb 23, 2024

New Drama 'The Listeners' commissioned by the BBC.

Published last summer, The Listeners follows a woman who, lying in bed next to her husband one night, hears a low hum that he cannot. This innocuous noise begins causing Claire Devon headaches, nosebleeds and insomnia, gradually upsetting the balance of her life, though no obvious source or medical cause can be found. When she discovers that a student of hers can also hear the hum, the two strike up an unlikely and intimate friendship, and start a community. We are pleased that our Hopi Grace is amongst the cast for this upcoming series!

Sun Feb 4, 2024

New Period Drama 'The Hardacres' Has been filming starring APT!

The Hardacres is an upcoming British period drama television series for Channel 5, adapted from the novel series by CL Skelton. We are so pleased to announce Adam Little & Shannon Lavelle have been cast as Joe & Liza Hardacre, and also Conor Deane will feature throughout the series. We are so excited to see this story come to life!

Thu Feb 1, 2024

Amy Drake stars in Bolton Octagon's ANIMAL FARM

Animal Farm is in full swing at the Bolton Octagon and soon travels to Derby Theatre and then Hull Truck for a short tour! 

Theatre Reviews North had some fab things to say about the production and our brilliant Amy Drake - which we thoroughly agree with!

"All the cast members play more than one role, varying from pigs to hens, a donkey, a raven and more. The movement and mannerisms of the different animals are very well portrayed, especially by Amy Drake as the silly and skittish young mare, Mollie"

Mon Jan 29, 2024

David Carpenter stars in Zest Theatre's 'Camp Phoenix' for a national tour!

One summer to shape a lifetime.

National Tour: 1st February 2024 - 8th March 2024

Zia turned 17 last week. When they arrive at Camp Phoenix for a compulsory weeklong residential, they aren't sure if it's for them. The camp helps young people emerge from the dust of their younger selves, just like a phoenix. Through regulated activities, young people develop the skills to rise into the next phase of their lives to become great citizens and employees.

But not everything goes to plan. When Zia and their newfound friends realise that the camp's values don't include everyone, they discover that the most valuable lessons are those learnt from the people around them.

Camp Phoenix is a show packed with adventure, new music, and vital life lessons, featuring a dynamic cast of professional performers and local young people.

Fri Jan 26, 2024

Becky Bowe stars in Big North Films new feature 'Treading Water'!

Following his release from prison, Danny struggles with addiction and intrusive thoughts. He reconnects with schoolfriend Laura who is equally trapped in her own choices.

Sun Jan 14, 2024

Isabelle Smith joins the cast of Hollyoaks as new regular 'Frankie'!

We are so excited to announce Isabelle Smith has joined the cast of Hollyoaks as new regular 'Frankie Osborne'!

Despite having only just completed her training, the role is Isabelle’s third professional role having previously appeared in Coronation Street in her second year and having appeared in ITV drama ‘Maternal’ during her third year.

Commenting on landing the role Isabelle said: “I’m so excited to be joining the cast of Hollyoaks, it still hasn’t sunk in!" 

We are so proud of you!