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Latest news

Fri Jan 15, 2021

Hopi Grace filming on BBC drama Time

Our fabulous Hopi Grace and her daughter Afiya Beniston have recently been filming on new BBC One prison drama Time featuring Stephen Graham and Sean Bean and written by Jimmy McGovern!

Thu Dec 10, 2020

4 APT Actors can be seen in the new series of Tin Star!

You can now stream all episodes of Tin Star now on Sky Atlantic. We are so proud to see our Simon SmithiesChristine WalshGareth George & Susan Robinson in such an amazing drama. Catch it while you can! 

Fri Nov 13, 2020

Declan O'Connor stars A War Poem alongside Freddie Fox!

Nearing the end of the Second World War, two soldiers, a famous poet and a working-class family man, (Freddie Fox and Declan O'Connor), struggle, war stricken and lost, through the bleak countryside of occupied France as they are forced to realise, by blood and by ink, their own morals and inevitable fate.

We've seen a snippet of this and can confirm it looks amazing! 

Thu Nov 12, 2020

Anna Swan is the new face of Law Firm Campaign

Anna Swan stars in the new campaign for Simpson Millar Solicitors. 

Thu Nov 5, 2020

Charlie Behan is back at Hollyoaks in County Lines storyline.

Hollyoaks villain Jordan Price tries to get Charlie Dean involved in his drug dealing operation next week.

Jordan (Connor Calland) steps up his attempts to manipulate Charlie when Sid Sumner and Juliet Nightingale are both absent from the village.

The schemer is initially irritated when he learns that Sid and Juliet have gone away on a school trip.

Jordan needed the pair around for an important job, so he decides to close in on Charlie (Charlie Behan) instead.

We're so pleased to have Charlie back and see him taking on this great storyline!

Thu Nov 5, 2020

Ray Castleton stars in new BBC Radio 4 Drama.

The lovely Ray Castleton has recently recorded upcoming Radio 4 Drama, Cornerstoneplaying the role of Phil.

Cornerstone is Kieran Knowles’ new drama about one woman’s epiphany and the power of community. Katie has learnt to keep a lid on the simmering anger which inwardly rails at all the small everyday annoyances of life. It finally kicks off when her daughter announces she’s leaving and the local library is threatened with closure. Biting her tongue becomes a harder and harder thing to do.

Cornerstone airs on the 18th November 2020.

Thu Nov 5, 2020

New CBBC Show Starring APT!

We are very excited to announce our amazing Luke O'RourkeHopi Grace, Tareq Al-Jeddal & Joan Hughes have been confirmed to film on CBBC New show 'Lagging'!

Lagging is a new comedy following a group of 11 year-old computer gamers - best friends in real life and online

Filming starts November 2020, and we can't wait to see it released in 2021!

Fri Oct 9, 2020

3 Actors have been filming on the new series of Ackley Bridge

Max Beesley, Ole Madden and Jamie Smelt have all been cast in the upcoming series of Ackley Bridge. We can't wait to see what the story is this time! 


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We are so incredibly excited for our @LexiLee_ who is currently shooting a feature film for Netflix up in Edinburgh… https://t.co/btIRnIPRDe

Please can we all appreciate how amazing our @AnnaSwanActor looks in this new online campaign for @AMD I’m feeling… https://t.co/K9scqCrGWd

Sending our love to the legend that is @RAYCASTLETON who is down in the big smoke this week shooting a big commerci… https://t.co/2PAsxnxnpo

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