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Latest news

Thu Jul 29, 2021

'The Last Kingdom' with our very own Olly Rhodes!

Olly Rhodes is filming for his first television role up in Northumberland for the new series of Netflix' 'The Last Kingdom'! We are definitely team Uhtred!

Thu Jul 29, 2021

Martelle and Gareth have been filming a Christmas commercial for a supermarket.

Martelle Edinborough and Gareth George have been busy filming in Salford this week for a christmas commercial for a well known supermarket brand!

Fri Jul 9, 2021

Phil Yarrow in rehearsals for 'Baskerville' at the Mercury Theatre.

This fast-paced, laugh out loud comedy sees our intrepid duo try to crack their most notorious case with the help of a tangled web of clues, silly accents, disguises and deceit as five actors deftly portray more than 40 characters.

Will our heroes discover the truth in time?
Will they fall foul of the demon hellhound?
Will they get all the costume changes right?

Phil Yarrow stars in this hilarious multi-roling masterpiece and we can't wait to see it! Have you got your tickets yet?

Showing from 30th July - 22nd August 2021. Get your tickets here

Fri Jul 9, 2021

Claire Storey is rehearsing for Grimm Tales at The Dukes!

Claire Storey is in rehearsals in Lancaster preparing for the Grimm Tales production at The Dukes!

Lancaster’s enchanting Williamson Park becomes the spellbinding setting for a fun and fresh adaptation of the Brothers Grimm’s beloved fairy tales, making for a perfect adventure for all the family to enjoy. 

The stage is set, the audience are ready, but the actors are nowhere in sight… However, the show must go on! With the park as their backdrop, it falls to some unlikely storytellers to save the day and lead you through all the twists and turns of these famous stories.

Full of catchy songs, fantastic sets, dazzling costumes and playful direction, this laugh out loud story will sprinkle some magic on your summer. Get your Tickets now!

Tue 27 July - Sun 22 August 2021

Mon Jul 5, 2021

Zirhi Zadi stars as Dancer and Actor in new Skrillex music Video 'Butterflies'!

Zirihi Zadi looks amazing as one of the lead dancers and motion capture artist in the new Skrillex official music video for the new single Butterflies! Watch now!

Mon Jul 5, 2021

New CBBC Show LAGGING Starring APT!

We are very excited to announce our amazing Luke O'RourkeHopi Grace, Tareq Al-Jeddal & Joan Hughes have been confirmed to film on CBBC New show 'Lagging'!

Lagging is a new comedy following a group of 11 year-old computer gamers - best friends in real life and online

Starts on CBBC and iPlayer 20th July.

Mon May 31, 2021

Nohail Mohammed has been busy in Cardiff filming for Casualty.

If you regularly watch Casualty you will see Ackley Bridge star Nohail Mohammed appearing soon as a guest lead.

Mon May 31, 2021

Hopi Grace filming on BBC drama Time

Our fabulous Hopi Grace and her daughter Afiya Beniston have recently been filming on new BBC One prison drama Time featuring Stephen Graham and Sean Bean and written by Jimmy McGovern! You can watch all 3 episodes of Time now on BBC Iplayer.