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Latest news

Fri Oct 9, 2020

3 Actors have been filming on the new series of Ackley Bridge

Max Beesley, Ole Madden and Jamie Smelt have all been cast in the upcoming series of Ackley Bridge. We can't wait to see what the story is this time! 

Fri Oct 9, 2020

Team APT filming on Emmerdale

Hopi Grace and Louise Atkins have been over in Yorkshire filming for Emmerdale. Have you spotted them yet? 

Fri Oct 9, 2020

Two confirmed for Meet The Richardsons!

Declan O'Connor and Saleem Miah are filming for the new series of Meet The Richardsons airing early 2021!

Fri Oct 9, 2020

More actors on the cobbles!

Declan O'Connor and Gareth George will be appearing on the famous cobbled streets over the next month. We can't wait to see what they got up to!

Fri Oct 9, 2020

Nathan Sussex in new Russel T Davies Drama "It's A Sin"

Nathan Sussex plays Pete Burrows in Russell T Davies new drama ITS A SIN. Coming soon to Channel 4 and HBO! 

The five-parter will examine the lives of a group of young gay men (Ritchie, Roscoe and Colin) who are hit by the outbreak of a new deadly virus, HIV, after they move to London during the 1980s.

Mon Sep 7, 2020

Luke O'Rourke records BBC Radio 4 drama 'Faultlines' series 2

Luke O'Rourke has recently recorded the BBC Radio 4 drama Faultlines sereis 2 starring Glenda Jackson! 

"Does bad blood seep into the family fault lines? Glenda Jackson stars in a new series of contemporary dramas exploring money."

Mon Sep 7, 2020

Steve Cooper and Julian Kay filming The Syndicate series 4

Steve Cooper and Julian Kay is currently filming on BBC One and Rollem Productions six part drama The Syndicate starrig Neil Morrisey 

Tue May 19, 2020

Two of APT appear in CBBC The 4 O'Clock Club

Two APT artists have recently appeared in award winning CBBC show The 4 O'Clock Club! Ruby Morgan who plays series regular Zoe-Marie and Alexa Lee playing a guest role both appeared in series 9, did you spot them!? 


such a great time today and last week with @ALRANorth on the graduate panels, some amazing talent as always, very e…

A good one for the little ones this half term - Storytelling with @comfortisfab ! 💫

We cannot wait to see it guys 🤗🤗

@LoubylouCook Me too what a scene 🤣🙌🏻

@LoubylouCook So funny 😂😂😂

Our lovely Declan O’Connor will be on Coronation street tonight! We love this shot of him in action on the cobbles…

@AshleaTracey @BBCJersey @AshleaTracey have you ever thought of applying yourself!? 🤷🏼‍♀️ #shegotthemoves