Macbeth, The Epstein Theatre Liverpool

Ethan Holmes

The Stretch, Map Productions

Christine Walsh

Years and Years, BBC One

Lynn Roden

Hollyoaks, Lime Pictures

Charlie Ryan

Ackley Bridge Series 3, The Forge Entertainment

Nohail Mohammed

The Isle of Brimsker, Frozen Light Theatre

Sophie Coward

Glory, The Dukes Theatre and Red Ladder

Jamie Smelt

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Latest news

Wed Mar 6, 2019

Ethan Holmes in Macbeth

Ethan Holmes is currently in rehearsals for Macbeth with Daniel Taylor Prodcutions at The Epstein Theatre, Liverpool, playing Macduff! Peformances begin Thursday 7th March to Saturday 16th March 

Wed Mar 6, 2019

Christine Walsh and Zirihi Zadi appearing in The Stretch

Christine Walsh and Zirihi Zadi are both in rehearsals for stage production The Stretch with MAP Productions, an adaptation from the original JB Shorts show last year. Performances begin Wedensday 6th March to Firday 15th March at Manchester Theatre 53Two 

Wed Mar 6, 2019

Declan O'Connor filming for Ackley Bridge

Declan O'Connor has recently been filming for Channel 4's series three of Ackley Bridge as Pete Day. The new series is due out early June

Mon Feb 18, 2019

Lynn Roden - Years and Years

Lynn Roden has been cast as Mrs Finch in new BBC One drama Years and Years written by Russell T Davies which is due to air later on in the year 

Mon Feb 18, 2019

Christine Walsh appearing in Emmerdale

Christine Walsh has recently filmed Emmerdale as Nurse Johnson. Due to air very soon!

Thu Jan 24, 2019

Susan Jayne Robinson filming Emmerdale

Susan Robinson is currently filming Emmerdale as Lucie, keep your eyes peeled for her coming to your screens soon

Wed Jan 23, 2019

Charlie Ryan filming Hollyoaks

Charlie Ryan is currently filming on Hollyoaks for Channel 4 as Paul across a number of epsidoes so keep an eye out for him! 

Tue Jan 8, 2019

Nohail Mohammed filming Ackley Bridge series 3

Nohail Mohammed just started filming for the third series of Channel 4s Ackley Bridge as regular Riz Nawaz


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NEW CLIENT . . . We are over the moon to welcome Martelle Edinborough! Having recently filmed a guest lead in…