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Beryl, Oldham Coliseum

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The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Queens Theatre Hornchurch

Claire Storey

All Creatures Great & Small, Channel 5

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Happy Valley, BBC One

Hopi Grace Danny Mellor Conor Deane

Newark, Newark, GOLD

Conor Deane

The Last Kingdom, Netflix

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Andy and the Band, CBBC

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Latest news

Mon Apr 25, 2022

The Full Monty original cast reunite for Disney Plus series!

The cast of acclaimed drama The Full Monty have reunited to start work on a sequel miniseries, which will pick up with the original characters in modern-day Sheffield. We are also excited to announce that APT has 3 of our actors Ray CastletonDanny MellorAmy Drake filming across the series! 

Mon Apr 25, 2022

Charlie Ryan stars in Oldham Coliseum's 'Beryl'!

Charlie Ryan star in 'Beryl', a show written by Maxine Peake and directed by Chris Lawson.

When actress Maxine Peake was given cyclist Beryl Burton’s autobiography as a gift she questioned why no one had ever written a play about Britain’s unsung sporting legend, and so she wrote it herself. The result is an inspirational tour de force fuelled by rhubarb, northern charm and fierce determination.

Beryl runs from 7th May - 21st May and you can get your tickets here -

Fri Apr 8, 2022

Macca & Beth at Royal Court Liverpool starring Jamie Smelt!

Jamie Smelt stars as 'Barry The Hatchet' in Liverpool Royal Courts comedy production of Macca and Beth! 

Beth loves Macca. She doesn’t know why, but she loves him. So when the daft old sod promises to take her away for a summer break to his uncle’s old home in the Scottish highlands she really thinks that he might have got it right this time.

Opening on the 29th April running until 28th May 2022! Get your tickets now

Fri Apr 1, 2022

Claire Storey rehearsing for The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole

Claire Storey has started rehearsals this week for the fresh and joyful musical adaptation of Sue Townsends book! Showing at Queens Theatre Hornchurch from 28th April till 21st May 2022!

Wed Mar 9, 2022

All Creatures Great & Small is back filming for Series 3!

The wonderful Julie EdwardsDeclan O'Connor and Conor Deane can be seen across the series!

Wed Mar 9, 2022

Happy Valley 3, the final series will have several APT appearing throughout!

The BBC has confirmed Happy Valley season three is all systems go.

However, you all better make the most of it, as this will also officially be the final series of the beloved show.

Wed Mar 9, 2022

Conor Deane in new TV sitcom Newark, Newark!

Conor Deane plays character KENNY, in the new sitcom Newark Newark, airing on GOLD Monday 28th March 2022 at 9pm! 

Mon Mar 7, 2022

Hopi Grace stars in Climate Change film for Cop26 Conference.

Hopi Grace stars alongside Sam Bottomley & Paul Copley in this short film made especially for the Climate Conference in Glasgow towards the end of 2021.