Fri Apr 28, 2023

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry - In Cinemas Now!

Harold is an ordinary man who has passed through life, living on the side lines, until he goes to post a letter one day...and just keeps walking.

This tear jerker emotional journey is in cinemas now and our very own Jessica Kaur makes a special appearance too! 

Thu Mar 16, 2023

'Seven Kings Must Die' Featuring Zak Sutcliffe!

We are so excited to announce that Zak Sutcliffe will feature as Edmund in the long awaited 'Seven Kings Must Die', the finale to The Last Kingdom series on Netflix! 

Streaming from 14th April 2023... Watch the trailer here..

Tue Jan 31, 2023

Boiling Point starts filming for the follow on TV Show!

Filming begins on the brand new five-part series in Manchester, with Vinette Robinson (Carly), Stephen Graham (Andy) and Hannah Walters (Emily) set to reprise their roles from the multi award-winning film that shines the spotlight on life in a busy commercial kitchen. Hopi Grace & Olivia Frances-Brown joins the cast of Boiling Point which picks up six months on from where the film left off and sees sous chef Carly as head chef at her own restaurant, with many of Andy’s original team alongside her.

Tue Jan 31, 2023

New Yorkshire drama 'Better' featuring lots of APT!

Better is a new five-part thriller coming on 13th February to BBC One, created by the studio behind Chernobyl and starring Leila Farzad and Andrew Buchan.

We are so excited that we have several actors joining the cast and are busy filming now! You will be able to see Lynn RodenJulie Edwards,Mohammed Sheblu MiahRay CastletonHopi Grace and Jamie Dorrington across the series. More info coming soon!

Mon Jan 30, 2023

Quality Street from Northern Broadsides is back with Jamie Smelt!


From the writer of Peter Pan, this delicious farce was such a sensation in its day that it gave its name to the UK’s most loved chocolates.  

Starring our very own Jamie Smelt, the much loved show is back for 2023 with a UK Tour hitting up many popular venues. 

Book your tickets now -

Mon Jan 30, 2023

Run Rebel starring Jessica Kaur

I am strength, I am power, I am courage, I am revolution, I am Amber Rai.

Amber (Jessica Kaur) is trapped – by her family’s rules, by their expectations, by her own fears. But on the running track she is completely free. As her body speeds up, the world slows down. And the tangled, mixed up lines in her head get s t r a i g h t e r . . . It’s time to start a revolution: for her mother, for her sister, for herself. Run, Amber. Run.

Book your tickets here! 

25th February - 31st March

Mon Jan 30, 2023

Better Days starring George Martin

A 1-man show (that one man being George Martin) that takes the audience on a house music journey from 1990 to 1993, combining poetic storytelling with top tunes from the era!Better Days Tickets -

Mon Jan 30, 2023

Blow Down Starring Allison Saxton

Allison Saxton stars in this verbatim piece of theatre touring arounf Yorkshire from 3rd February to 3rd March! 

You can see the show at the venues below!

Leeds Playhouse run: 3rd - 11th Feburary 2023


14 February 2023          Wakefield Theatre Royal

15 February 2023          Harrogate Studio

16 February 2023          Washington

17 February 2023          Grove Hall

18 February 2023         Cluntergate

19 February 2023          Queen's Mill

23 February 2023         Selby Town Hall

24 February 2023         Hull Truck

25 February 2023         Knottingley

26 February 2023         Knottingley

28 February 2023         CAST Doncaster

01 March 2023               Alnwick Main House

02 March 2023              Queens Hall Hexham

03 March 2023              Viaduct Halifax


Mon Jan 30, 2023

Spring & Port Wine starring Natalie Blair & Charlie Ryan



Rafe Crompton attempts to preside over his family with an iron fist, dispensing order and discipline. However, after an argument with his daughter over dinner and with a backdrop of a rapidly changing society, things fall apart over the course of a weekend as his four children assert their independence.

We are so excited to see the fabulous Natalie Blair and Charlie Ryan do their thing on the Octagon stage. 

Book your tickets now - February 3rd - March 4th

Mon Jan 16, 2023

New ITV Drama MATERNAL coming January 2023

The new medical drama explores motherhood in a more realistic way and it sounds powerful. Not only does Maternal feature an all-female leading cast, but it also promises to examine motherhood and its demands on the NHS in a way rarely seen on television. We're delighted that our Tareq Al-Jeddal stars as a series regular and Isabelle Smith features as a guest in episode 2! 

Maternal starts on ITV, 0pm, 16/01/2023!

Fri Dec 16, 2022

New ITV Yorkshire Ripper Drama is currently filming in Leeds.

The Yorkshire Ripper is being produced by ITV and stars Coronation Street star Katherine Kelly as Peter Sutcliffe’s second victim Emily Jackson. So far, we have Julian Kay confirmed as guest cast across the series!

Thu Dec 15, 2022

BBC commissions new thriller series 'Boat Story' featuring some of APT!

The BBC and Amazon Freevee have commissioned Boat Story, a 6x60’ thriller written by Harry and Jack Williams and produced by award-winning All3Media production company, Two Brothers Pictures (The Tourist, The Missing, Fleabag) in association with All3Media international. Boat Story will premiere in the UK on BBC One and iPlayer, and in the US on Amazon Freevee.

The wonderful Becky Bowe and Jamie Smelt can be seen across the series!

At its heart, Boat Story is an action thriller about two ordinary people whom the world has turned its back on, and whether they’re willing - or desperate enough - to do something crazy to get what they want in life. Pushed to the very edge, can they trust each other and get away with their lives and the money?